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Bexa Body Fitness studio is the premier fitness facility in Westerville, OH. We are not a membership or big box gym. We are a fun and effective personal fitness studio that offers a set of diverse services that will get your body in shape, then keep the pounds from coming back!!
We have certified fitness professionals waiting to help you, no matter your gender, age or fitness level.


What types of training have you tried in that past? Why haven’t those worked? Do you belong to the big box gym? Does it feel creepy having others stare at you while working out? Do you have a personal trainer that looks more out of shape then you? Or is he an ex-football player 5x your size? We feel that working out should be your terms, with people you feel comfortable with that provide motivation and knowledge that will make you a better and healthier person!

Our premium services include:

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Watch Rebecca and Charlie help Local Weatherman Jym Ganahl’s quest to fit into his Military uniform!


Strong Mind
Feel more energetic and give your mind the boost it deserves!
Strong Body
Transform your body for the better and change your life!
We Believe in You!
Ensure YOUR goals are being met and not ours! It’s all about you!

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About Bexa

At Bexa Body Fitness, you will experience the most elite Personal Training services in central Ohio at our stylish and dynamic boutique fitness studio. Our trainers have the knowledge and skill set to help assist you in reaching your personal fitness goals. All of our trainers are highly qualified with collegiate degrees and/or accredited training certifications.

Please remember, Bexa Body Fitness is an APPOINTMENT ONLY Fitness Studio. Our doors are only open when there are training, classes or bootcamps in session. Contact us below to schedule a free consultation with one of our fantastic trainers!

Bexa Body Fitness
Strong Mind, Strong Body!

695 McCorkle Blvd
Westerville, OH 43082

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